The Project Open Data Dashboard is a website enabling Federal agencies, industry, and the general public and other stakeholders to view details on how Federal agencies are progressing on implementing M-13-13 Open Data Policy—Managing Information as an Asset.


The Project Open Data Dashboard is informed by M-13-13, the Project Open Data Implementation Guide, the Open Data Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal, and the Integrated Data Collection Open Data Progress, Use, and Impact questions. The Project Open Dashboard tracks progress in two ways:

  1. Quarterly review by OMB staff of Leading Indicators in six categories: Enterprise Data Inventory, Public Data Listing, Public Engagement, Privacy & Security, Human Capital, and Use & Impact. For more information see Leading Indicators Strategy Rubric.

  2. Automated metrics determined by a script that analyzes [agency.gov] /data.json, /digitalstrategy.json, and /data files every 24 hours until the end of the quarter when a historic snapshot is generated. For more information see Documentation.

Open Source

The Project Open Data Dashboard is an open source project. Some ways you can contribute are: by reporting bugs, by suggesting new features, by translating content to a new language, by writing or editing documentation, by writing specifications, by writing code and documentation (no pull request is too small: fix typos, add code comments, clean up inconsistent whitespace), by reviewing pull requests, and by closing issues. Before contributing, we encourage you to read our CONTRIBUTING guide, our LICENSE, and our README.

Resources and Tools

To support Federal agency implementation of M-13-13 and success the following resources and tools have been provided:
* Project Open Data Metadata Schema Validator – Conform your Federal (or Non-federal) data.json is validate against the current Project Open Data Metadata Schema.
* Project Open Data Converter - Transform CSV files into JSON as defined by the Project Open Data Metadata Schema.
* Legacy Data.gov Export API - Export legacy data from Data.gov as a Project Open Data Schema JSON or CSV file. Note: This tool was designed for agencies that used to log directly into Data.gov to maintain their datasets.
* Project Open Data Changeset - Compare your new data.json file to the data.json metadata currently cached on Data.gov.

For additional resources and tools see: Project Open Data and Project Open Data on GitHub.

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