Office of Personnel Management

M-13-13 Milestone 6 - February 28th 2015

OMB Review Complete: OMB has completed the agency review for this milestone. Agencies should contact their OMB desk officer if anything looks incorrect.

Leading Indicators

These indicators are reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget

Review Status complete
Reviewer Jamie Berryhill
Last Updated April 17, 2015, 1:52 pm EDT by Jamie Berryhill

Assessment Summary

EDI: Grew by 985% since last update in August.

PDL: The PDL grew by more than 1,100% in just one quarter. 97% of dataset links are working, which leaves some room for improvement, but overall OPM has made significant improvements in the value of its open data. views of OPM datasets tripled between December and February.

Public Engagement: Feedback link sends you to the OPM-wide FAQ page, which provides some visibility into two-way communication, but doesn't provide much help if you want to get in touch with a specific data owner. Also, many irrelevant questions are included, such as how a government shutdown would affect benefits for retired federal employees.

Note: The doughnut charts for Inventory Composition, Public Dataset Status, and Dataset Link Quality are new for this milestone, and they only appear is data are available. For detailed documentation on these charts, please see The "Other" category includes URLs that did not provide a response within 5 seconds of the automated crawl, which may indicate a server issue and not necessarily a completely non-working link.

Inventory Composition

Public Dataset Status

Dataset Link Quality

Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Inventory Updated this Quarter
624 Number of Datasets
6 Number of APIs
Schedule Delivered Crawl details
1 Bureaus represented
8 Programs represented
541 Number of public datasets
53 Number of restricted public datasets
30 Number of non-public datasets
Inventory > Public listing
958% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
564 Spot Check - datasets listed by search engine
Agency provides a public Enterprise Data Inventory on
License specified Crawl details
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
594 Number of Datasets Crawl details
Number of Collections Crawl details
466 Number of Public Datasets with File Downloads Crawl details
6 Number of APIs Crawl details
756 Total number of access and download links Crawl details
Quality Check: Links are sufficiently working Crawl details
730 Quality Check: Accessible links Crawl details
15 Quality Check: Redirected links Crawl details
1 Quality Check: Error links Crawl details
10 Quality Check: Broken links Crawl details
1,137% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
100% Valid Metadata Crawl details
/data exists Crawl details
/data.json Crawl details
Harvested by
1,591 Views on for the quarter
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Description of feedback mechanism delivered Crawl details
Data release is prioritized through public engagement
Feedback loop is closed, 2 way communication
See below Link to or description of Feedback Mechanism
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Data Publication Process Delivered Crawl details
Information that should not to be made public is documented with agency's OGC
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
See below Open Data Primary Point of Contact
POCs identified for required responsibilities
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Identified 5 data improvements for this quarter
See below Primary Uses
(1) Research; research and insights for recommendations on improving government. (2) USAspending: inform data quality analysis as well as advocacy. (3) IGs: a group of volunteers, including Sunlight staff, are scraping the public IG reports from around the federal government. While most IGs make their reports publicly available, few do so in particularly useful ways. This project will allow sites like Sunlight's tracking tool to help users surface and understand IG reports. (4) powers, allowing users to track rulemaking dockets and analyze large amounts of comments. (5) Program/performance audit (6) Improved economy and efficiency of federal programs. (7) Research on improving federal efforts to recruit, develop and retain expert employees.
See below Value or impact of data
(1) Efficiency and effectiveness in public sector personnel systems. (2) USAspending: improved analysis and advocacy. (3) IG project: users will more easily find and better understand IG reports. (4) allows interested parties to identify duplicate comments, potentially making the process more efficient, highlighting large campaigns, etc. (5) Increased efficiency and effectiveness in federal programs. (6) Increased efficiency in their audit process.
See below Primary data discovery channels
Colleagues, email correspondence with agency officials, agency website
See below User suggestions on improving data usability
(1) A larger portion of the data on FedScope ( (2) Easier time completing memoranda of understanding (MOUs) for sensitive data. (3) Data currently only available for download in PDF formats should be offered in other, more machine-readable formats. (4) Easier access. (5) More staff to handle requests. (6) Allow CPDF/EHRI to be connected to FEVS data. (6) EHRI payroll data need internal controls applied and a thorough scrub for validity and reliability. Reliability of certain fields in the personnel data are unknown too. Additional assessments of fields not covered in the 2013 report would be useful.
See below User suggestions on additional data releases
(1) Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) data connected to anonymized Central Personnel Data File (CPDF -- replaced by Enterprise Human Resources Integration, or EHRI) data. (2) OPM should release the data that powers the Plum Book, which the GPO publishes. (3) See also the answer to the question about usability.
Digital Analytics Program on /data

Automated Metrics

These metrics are generated by an automated analysis that runs every 24 hours until the end of the quarter at which point they become a historical snapshot

Expected Data.json URL (From Directory)
Resolved Data.json URL
Number of Redirects
HTTP Status 200
Content Type application/json
Valid JSON Valid
Detected Data.json Schema federal-v1.1
Datasets with Valid Metadata 100%(624 of 624)
Valid Schema Valid
Datasets 624
Datasets with Distribution URLs 0.0% (0 of 624)
Total Distribution URLs 0
Public Datasets 541
Restricted Public Datasets 53
Non-public Datasets 30
Bureaus Represented 1
Programs Represented 8
File Size 1.22MB
Last modified Tuesday, 24-Feb-2015 15:57:19 EST
Last crawl Friday, 27-Feb-2015 23:00:15 EST
Analyze archive copies Analyze archive from 2015-02-28
/data page
Expected /data URL (From Directory)
Resolved /data URL
Redirects 1 redirects
HTTP Status 200
Content Type text/html; charset=utf-8
Last crawl Friday, 27-Feb-2015 23:00:15 EST
Expected /digitalstrategy.json URL (From Directory)
Resolved /digitalstrategy.json URL
HTTP Status 200
Content Type application/json
Valid JSON Invalid Check a JSON Validator
Last modified Tuesday, 15-Jul-2014 16:29:24 EDT
Last crawl Friday, 27-Feb-2015 23:00:16 EST