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M-13-13 Milestone 7 - May 31st 2015

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Reviewer Rebecca Williams
Last Updated July 22, 2015, 7:46 pm EDT by Rebecca Williams

Assessment Summary

EDI: No "non-public" datasets are listed in the public EDI.

PDL: -32% growth; Stats are from crawl at Friday, 22-May-2015 07:48:47 EDT; Current formats: Correct format 60.6% (103 of 170); PDF for raw data 4.1% (7 of 170); HTML for raw data 25.9% (44 of 170)

Public Feedback: GitHub Issues link has no feedback recorded on it.

Inventory Composition

Public Dataset Status

Dataset Link Quality

Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Inventory Updated this Quarter
199 Number of Datasets
34 Number of APIs
Schedule Delivered Crawl details
8 Bureaus represented
29 Programs represented
153 Number of public datasets
24 Number of restricted public datasets
Number of non-public datasets
Inventory > Public listing
-35% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
2,020 Spot Check - datasets listed by search engine
Agency provides a public Enterprise Data Inventory on
License specified Crawl details
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
199 Number of Datasets Crawl details
Number of Collections Crawl details
172 Number of Public Datasets with File Downloads Crawl details
34 Number of APIs Crawl details
211 Total number of access and download links Crawl details
Quality Check: Links are sufficiently working Crawl details
170 Quality Check: Accessible links Crawl details
32 Quality Check: Redirected links Crawl details
Quality Check: Error links Crawl details
8 Quality Check: Broken links Crawl details
-32% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
100% Valid Metadata Crawl details
/data exists Crawl details
/data.json Crawl details
Harvested by
Views on for the quarter
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Description of feedback mechanism delivered Crawl details
Data release is prioritized through public engagement
Feedback loop is closed, 2 way communication
See below Link to or description of Feedback Mechanism
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Data Publication Process Delivered Crawl details
Information that should not to be made public is documented with agency's OGC
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
See below Open Data Primary Point of Contact
POCs identified for required responsibilities
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Identified 5 data improvements for this quarter
See below Primary Uses
The following are the five most used HUD datasets from However, due to privacy constraints the users of and how these data are used is unknown. HUD Subprime and Manufactured Home Lender List Data Dictionary URL: Public Housing Physical Inspection Scores Data Dictionary URL: Multifamily Housing Physical Inspection Scores Data Dictionary URL: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Qualified Census Tract (QCT) Data Dictionary URL: CPD Appropriations Data Dictionary URL: In addition, Zillow uses our data to develop innovative apps for the American public. Creating these apps eliminates the frustration of not being able to get to government data. Here are some of the HUD Datasets that were used during the hackathon/datajam: Fair Market Rents: Housing Choice Vouchers by Tract: Public Housing Buildings: Public Housing Developments: Location Affordability Index: Settle Neighborhoods: LIHTC: MF Properties: Public Housing Authorities: Housing Counseling: All of these are available on, but the API's were created specific to the hackathon except for Housing Counseling, which already existed as an API. In addition, our Office of Policy Development and Research recently did a survey on our users, and it was determined the following are our top 7 users: Researchers/academic; federal/state/local government; Housing Practitioner; student; Housing advocate; consultant's; and grantees.
Value or impact of data
See below Primary data discovery channels
We recently had our very first housing hackathon/datajam at Zillow headquarters in Seattle, VA. HUD provided 10 datasets for this event, which are already published on We also have a site called HUDUSER.ORG which we promote through email and the periodical published by our Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) called The Edge.
See below User suggestions on improving data usability
During the housing hackathon we asked the users to provide feedback as to how we can make improvements to the usability of our data, and what other additional datasets they would like to see us publish. We are awaiting feedback. The following are suggestions from survey respondents: plain language descriptions of data sets would improve usability and customer satisfaction. In addition, access to datasets can be made easier. For example, to access the income limits, users first go to landing page, then to the specific year, from where they access the documentation.
See below User suggestions on additional data releases
We are waiting for user feedback from our hackathon. The survey respondents said: need more datasets on rural areas, and elderly and disabled housing, better explanations of the datasets.
Digital Analytics Program on /data

Automated Metrics

These metrics are generated by an automated analysis that runs every 24 hours until the end of the quarter at which point they become a historical snapshot

Expected Data.json URL (From Directory)
Resolved Data.json URL
Number of Redirects 1 redirects
HTTP Status 200
Content Type application/json
Valid JSON Valid
Detected Data.json Schema federal-v1.1
Datasets with Valid Metadata 100%(199 of 199)
Valid Schema Valid
Datasets 199
Datasets with Distribution URLs 86.9% (173 of 199)
Datasets with Download URLs 86.4% (172 of 199)
Total Distribution URLs 211
Total Download URLs 174
Total APIs 34
Public Datasets 152
Restricted Public Datasets 21
Non-public Datasets 26
Bureaus Represented 8
Programs Represented 29
License Specified 0.0% (0 of 199)
Datasets with Redactions 0.0% (0 of 199)
Redactions without explanation (rights field) 0.0% (0 of 199)
File Size 259.13KB
Last crawl Sunday, 31-May-2015 00:02:52 EDT
Analyze archive copies Analyze archive from 2015-05-31
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/data page
Expected /data URL (From Directory)
Resolved /data URL
HTTP Status 0
Content Type
Last crawl Sunday, 31-May-2015 00:02:33 EDT
Expected /digitalstrategy.json URL (From Directory)
Resolved /digitalstrategy.json URL
HTTP Status 0
Content Type
Valid JSON Invalid Check a JSON Validator
Last crawl Sunday, 31-May-2015 00:02:41 EDT