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M-13-13 Milestone 8 - August 31st 2015

OMB Review Complete: OMB has completed the agency review for this milestone. Agencies should contact their OMB desk officer if anything looks incorrect.

Leading Indicators

These indicators are reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget

Review Status complete
Reviewer Rebecca Williams
Last Updated October 6, 2015, 4:43 pm EDT by Rebecca Williams

Assessment Summary

USAID should be commended for their 41.3% EDI growth.

Action Items: 1. USAID only includes Public Domain/licensing information for 33.6% of their datasets, which is an increase from last quarter (which was 30.8%), but should continue to be improved. To ensure the legal reuse of federal open data is conspicuous USAID must prioritize including an explanation for all datasets that do not include a Public Domain URL. 2. USAID must utilize their engagement strategy to prioritize open data maturity improvements to include and report them under the Open Data Policy IDC Use & Impact requirement. 3. USAID must continue to expand the quality of their EDI/PDL metadata to include: well documented APIs (USAID has 4 reported APIs now, but had 6 last quarter), Collections, Data Dictionaries, relevant Data Standards, and keywords.

Inventory Composition

Public Dataset Status

Dataset Link Quality

Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Inventory Updated this Quarter
284 Number of Datasets
4 Number of APIs
Schedule Delivered Crawl details
1 Bureaus represented
38 Programs represented
147 Number of public datasets
47 Number of restricted public datasets
63 Number of non-public datasets
Inventory > Public listing
+41.3% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
907 Spot Check - datasets listed by search engine
Agency provides a public Enterprise Data Inventory on Data.gov
33.6% License specified Crawl details
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
211 Number of Datasets Crawl details
Number of Collections Crawl details
62 Number of Public Datasets with File Downloads Crawl details
4 Number of APIs Crawl details
106 Total number of access and download links Crawl details
Quality Check: Links are sufficiently working Crawl details
19 Quality Check: Accessible links Crawl details
78 Quality Check: Redirected links Crawl details
7 Quality Check: Error links Crawl details
2 Quality Check: Broken links Crawl details
5% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
Valid Metadata Crawl details
/data exists Crawl details
/data.json Crawl details
Harvested by data.gov
391 Views on data.gov for the quarter
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Description of feedback mechanism delivered Crawl details
Data release is prioritized through public engagement
Feedback loop is closed, 2 way communication
See below Link to or description of Feedback Mechanism
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Data Publication Process Delivered Crawl details
Information that should not to be made public is documented with agency's OGC
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Open Data Primary Point of Contact
POCs identified for required responsibilities
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Identified 5 data improvements for this quarter
See below Primary Uses
Civil society organizations, government agencies, and the general public use USAID budget and expenditure data to better understand outputs and outcomes generated by USAID’s foreign assistance programming. USAID is also beginning to make data available which documents programmatic, non-financial aspects of its implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of international development program. This data is used to build a culture of learning among USAID operating units and global development practitioners; to identify promising approaches that can be scaled for broader use; to create new and innovative solution to complex international development challenges; and to generally improve programming practices worldwide.
Value or impact of data
See below Primary data discovery channels
Users can learn about USAID’s data by posting a question to StackExchange, GitHub, or USAID’s open data email account. USAID also publicized the release of its open data policy via a public blog and several related Twitter announcements. USAID implementing partners are both users and producers of data. As such, USAID continues to meet with consortia of its partners, including the Professional Services Council and InterAction to increase awareness of its open data policy. USAID also engaged with data users during a three-day TechCon event in San Francisco in November 2014 . USAID is planning a hackathon in early 2015 to generate additional interest in its data.
See below User suggestions on improving data usability
USAID conducted a usability study of its www.usaid.gov/data website in November 2014. This, along with the engagements listed in previous questions, will help USAID improve both the usability of its data along with the platform used to power www.usaid.gov/data. Users have noted that they would like to see metadata standardization among datasets within the same sector (e.g. food security); key metadata fields listed with each dataset (e.g. description, filetype, and periodicity); and explicit linkages between datasets and related analytical works that have already been made public.
See below User suggestions on additional data releases
Users have expressed interest in gaining access to data regarding the education of girls in Afghanistan, disaster event history, energy sector data for Indonesia; and a machine readable copy of USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse . USAID’s open data team continues to work with the appropriate operating units throughout the organization to ensure that these requests are prioritized for release.
Digital Analytics Program on /data

Automated Metrics

These metrics are generated by an automated analysis that runs every 24 hours until the end of the quarter at which point they become a historical snapshot

Expected Data.json URL http://www.usaid.gov/data.json (From USA.gov Directory)
Resolved Data.json URL https://www.usaid.gov/data.json
Number of Redirects 1 redirects
HTTP Status 200
Content Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Valid JSON Invalid Check a JSON Validator
Detected Data.json Schema federal-v1.1
Datasets with Valid Metadata 100%(211 of 211) - The JSON file is invalid and can't be parsed without special processing
Valid Schema Valid
Datasets 211
Datasets with Distribution URLs 30.8% (65 of 211)
Datasets with Download URLs 29.4% (62 of 211)
Total Distribution URLs 106
Total Download URLs 102
Total APIs 4
Public Datasets 74
Restricted Public Datasets 74
Non-public Datasets 63
Bureaus Represented 1
Programs Represented 38
License Specified 33.6% (71 of 211)
Datasets with Redactions 0.0% (0 of 211)
Redactions without explanation (rights field) 0.0% (0 of 211)
File Size 343.78KB
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Last crawl Monday, 31-Aug-2015 00:12:01 EDT
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/data page
Expected /data URL http://www.usaid.gov/data (From USA.gov Directory)
Resolved /data URL https://www.usaid.gov/data
Redirects 1 redirects
HTTP Status 200
Content Type text/html; charset=utf-8
Last modified Monday, 31-Aug-2015 00:11:27 EDT
Last crawl Monday, 31-Aug-2015 00:12:00 EDT
Expected /digitalstrategy.json URL http://www.usaid.gov/digitalstrategy.json (From USA.gov Directory)
Resolved /digitalstrategy.json URL https://www.usaid.gov/digitalstrategy.json
Redirects 1 redirects
HTTP Status 200
Content Type text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Valid JSON Invalid Check a JSON Validator
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